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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tough weeks

I didn't blog for a few weeks now… but I have a good reason :o) my baby-girl have been through a lot in the past few weeks. We had a throat infection...It was a nightmare! Without any warning such as sneezing or coughing, she woke up one night very hot. Dry, without any sweat, that scared me sooo much! We never had any fever previously. My girl was screaming… She was refusing to drink milk or water. So I just sat with her for the rest of the night, applying dump towel on her body. We sat like that, hugging and I crying till her temperature finally subsided. I didn't want to give her a cold shower, because I just didn't want to stress her more, until of course there is absolute need for it. I wasn't prepared at all, and still cursing myself for it, because we didn't have any Tylenol or Ibuprofen in the house! She finally slept for 15 minutes in my hands.
The next morning, after failing to feed her with anything, we went to the doctor. PD prescribed us antibiotics for three days. I thought that will be it… But she woke up again and again for the next two nights with the high fever. Then she started coughing. All those days I will put boiling kettle in her room ( got this tip from one of the forums). Since day one, she wouldn’t sit without me even for a minute. I was carrying her in my hands all the time. My princess didn't eat anything for two days, just some milk and water. I thought I am going to shoot myself. On the third day, she finally had half of banana and toast. On the fourth day, I was desperate and called that doctor again, telling her that our girl didn't eat
properly for days. She calmed me down, saying that it’s normal. While I was talking to her on the phone, our son was having his dinner and my baby-girl step down for the first time, to pick up some of pasta from his plate. I just started crying and laughing at the same time.
After that horrid experience, may be three days later, she was teething!
Well, we have two molars and one canine came out :o) Hurray!! And… one lower incisor on the way.