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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kiddy Fish Pasta Recipe

1 White Fish fillet cut in small pieces or 1 small can of chunky tuna.
1 cup hot Whole Milk
1 tablespoon flour.
1 teaspoon of butter.
1/4 cup cauliflower.
1/4 cup mushrooms.
Pinch of Oregano
1 tablespoon fresh cream (optional).
Sea salt (optional)

In the sauce pan, melt the butter on the medium heat. Add flour, and stir for few seconds. Pour in hot milk and continue stirring to avoid lumps. Keep stirring till bubbles appears. Mix in fish and veggies and cook for few minutes till all done.

Pasta with tomato sauce recipe (8 months +)

1 cup of minced meat, chicken grated twice.
1 big tomato minced.
2 tablespoon of tomato paste.
1 onion minced.
1/4 cup of fresh parsley finely chopped.
1/4 cup of fresh basil finely chopped or 1 teaspoon dry.
1 teaspoon dry oregano.
1 clove of garlic minced.
1/4 cup of water or homemade broth.
Pasta cooked. Any shape your kid prefer.
1 tablespoon of olive oil for frying or any other oil.
Grated cheese.
Sea salt an pepper.
Pinch of brown sugar.

In the frying pan or sauce pan place oil over medium heat.
Add onions and fry till golden. Add any of the minced meats. Then add tomato, tomato paste, garlic, spices(parsley, oregano, basil),salt, pepper and sugar. Add liquid to the mixture.
In the cooking process you can add some shredded carrots, zucchini, spinach, or mashed peas too. To get some veggies in their tummies :o)
Bring sauce to boil and cook till meat is tender.
Serve with cooked pasta and sprinkle with your kid favorite cheese.

Homemade sausages recipe

1 cup of mince beef, lamb or chicken, minced twice.
1/4 cup onions minced.
1/4 cup parsley finely chopped.
1/4 cup of any other veggie you want to add, like zucchini, broccoli, carrots or peas.
Sea salt and pepper.
1 teaspoon of water.

Combine all the ingredients together in the bowl, till well mixed. Form sausages.
You can fry them in little bit of oil or grill them till meat is ready.
Serve with some pasta or make pita bread sandwiches with some green salad and cream in it.

Kiddy noodles recipe

1 chicken boneless breast cut in small pieces, shredded or minced
1/4 cup of mushrooms ( you might want to use shiitake for originality:o)
1/4 cup of broccoli florets
1/4 cup of shredded carrot
1 clove garlic, grated
noddles of your choice.
tip finger of ginger, grated
1 tablespoon of oil for frying
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
1/2 teaspoon of cornstarch or flour dissolved in 1/4 cup of water

Combine cornstarch and soy sauce with a chicken pieces in the bowl, set a side.
Place oil in the wok or frying pan over medium heat.
Add garlic, ginger, mushrooms and chicken with it sauce.
Stir fry for several minute or until chicken is cooked.
Add carrots, broccoli and continue stir frying for other minute. If too dry add a little liquid like broth or water.
Add oyster sauce, then noodles. Gentle stir fry, turning noodles as you go till well combined.
Enjoy. This recipe won't take more than 15 min.