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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tips to calm crying babies

Soothing techniques for the fussy times
1. Place your baby in a sling or baby carrier. This way your hands will be free and you can some other stuff is well, like cooking, cleaning etc.. At the same time baby will be much better being so close to mommy, and will calm down eventually.
2. Let dad have some "baby time" while mom takes a shower or simply gets some time to herself.
3. Go outdoors. Relax baby (and yourself is well) with a walk, or just sit and enjoy the fresh air.
4. Calm your baby with sound. Sing, hum, talk, murmur shhhh, listen to music, or use 'white noise’, such a vacuum cleaner, radio, washing machine etc. Try different types of sound, different styles of music.
5. Calm your baby with rhythmic motion. Walk, sway, bounce, dance, swing..
6.You can calm your baby with touch. Hold or bathe baby, or baby massage. My mother in-law used to put our baby girl on her lap tummy down, and stroke her back. She calm down quite fast. It specially helped during colic times.
7. Reduce stimulation. Dim lights in the room, reduce noise..
8. Try different nursing positions. Try side lying, lying on your back to nurse with baby tummy to tummy, etc. Nurse in motion,while rocking, swaying, etc.

Above all of course, check for regular signs. Such as hunger, wet nappies. May be your baby feels too cold or too hot. Check baby’s body temperature.Your baby might be colic. Babies have them from 3 to 6 months.

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