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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our one year old baby-girl schedule

8 a.m.: Milk. About 150 ml

8.30 a.m.: Breakfast.

10 a.m.: Snack.

11 a.m.: Snack.

12 noon.: Milk (180 ml) Nap time. Yeah, I know. We don’t eat lunch anymore at this time. I’ve tried so many times :o)

3.30 p.m.: Lunch :o) or should I call Dunch :o)

5 p.m.: Snack.

6 p.m.: Milk. (150 ml)

7.30 p.m.: Dinner.

8.30 -9 p.m.: Milk (190 ml)

I'm still breastfeeding. My milk supplies are getting lesser and lesser though, so I started to mix breast milk with the formula or sometimes with cow's milk. She doesn't like cow's milk on it's own yet.

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